• Galilee, Where beauty and Bible meet
    Gazing over a Valley where biblical battles were fought. Can this be done anywhere else in the world?
  • Sunrise at Masada
    The archaeology and the story are world class. But the breathtaking views are what really make Masada worth a call home
  • Golan Nature, The Real Deal
    if you don't mind going a bit off the beaten path, we will help you discover the most intimate natural places Israel has to offer
  • Bird's Eye View Over Sea of Galilee
    from above Tiberias. The Kineret, Galilee and Golan are yours for the taking
  • Wine and Culture
    The lovely wine festival is starting soon and you are coming with us
  • More Extreme
    For those who think getting into the Land is more than just a saying
  • Tel Aviv Jaffa, An 'Old New Land'
    Ponder the Tel Aviv skyline from the Jaffa Coast
  • Just when you thought you've seen everything
    Take a dive from the Keshet Cave in Upper Western Galilee. Or just relax and enjoy the view
  • The Negev, A Place To Reflect
    The Negev Desert will hypnotize you with spectacular views and historical jewels

Welcome to Israel Ambition Tours

Israel Ambition Tours is a privately owned boutique tour company dedicated to providing families and groups with all they need to fulfill their ultimate Israel tour experience. We strive for excellence and attention to detail in every personalized tour.
“In my effort to make the land come alive, I specialize in off the beaten path activities, fun and interesting for action seekers as well as families with children. Every tour is infused with rich content of history, Bible and modern issues. in short, the complete Israel tour experience.” Jeremy Poupko

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Browse through our unique Israel Ambition Tours experience pages, each page describing another site or activity to experience during your Israel stay. Each page includes pictures with a concise description. Use it to help put together your tour schedule or just to increase your knowledge of Israel !

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Dead Sea and Judean Desert
Biblical and Hitsorical Sites

What we do

  • Personalized Tour Services

    • VIP service from airport
    • Expert caring guidance
    • Comfort transportation
    • Hotel and restaurant reservations
    • Itinerary planning
    • Sites and attractions reservations
    • Fully arranged Bar/Bat mitzvah ceremony including prayer place, rabbi/chazzan and brunch reception
  • Adventure Israel

    • Hiking and Nature Walks
    • Army training activity plus paintball
    • Rapelling
    • Jeep and ATV excursion
    • Rafting on the Jordan River
    • Shooting Range
    • Speed Boat Rides
    • Bicycling
    • Snorkling/Scuba Diving/Water ski
    • Hangliding and paragliding
    • Sea of Galilee and Red Sea boat rides
    • Small plane ride over Israel
    • Helicopter ride over Israel
    • Hot Air Balloon


  • My family had the pleasure of having Jeremy Poupko, owner of Israel Ambition Tours as our guide throughout the Negev and Jerusalem. He arranged everything for us and created an individualized itinerary that fit my family’s needs.   We spent three days exploring the Negev, visiting Be’er Avraham, the Negev R@D Agriculture center, Avdat National Park, the Ramon Crater and many other places. We also did a day tour in Jerusalem. Jeremy is a fun travelling companion, a knowledgeable guide and now an important part of our family vacation memories. We would not have learned as much about Israeli culture, history and the geographical and biblical significance of the places we visited without Jeremy’s expertise. I highly recommend you hire him as your guide.   Happy Travels! Dan, Jasmin, Kyla and Elijah Ilkay Queens NY January 2014
    Arranged everything for us and created an individualized itinerary that fit my family’s needs, Happy Travels! Dan, Jasmin, Kyla and Elijah Ilkay Queens NY January 2014
  • Recently my husband and I spent 12 days in Israel. We were very fortunate to have been put in touch with Israel Ambition Tours. Our guide, Jeremy Poupko, met us in Tel Aviv and took us on the adventure of our lives! We visited Nazareth, Cana, Caesarea, Tiberias, The Sea of Galilee area, a kibbutz for lunch and a tour and drove into Jerusalem just as the sunset lit it's golden walls. Jeremy and his partner, Michael Cytrin, showed us the city, it's surrounding areas and we even went on a dig... unearthing pottery fragments that were 2200 years old! Both guides were extremely knowledgeable, very personable and highly professional. We can heartily recommend this company and these delightful men to anyone wishing to learn about and love Israel.

    We were very fortunate to have been put in touch with Israel Ambition Tours, Yona and Tom McNish, San Antonio Texas October 2013
  • Jeremy planned and executed an amazing tour for our family.  Over a period of 11 days, he provided our family with a perfect combination of experiences, mixing sightseeing and adventures, to enhance our appreciation of Israel's ancient and modern wonders. We felt we could (and did) ask him anything, and his extensive knowledge of history, archaeology, geography and religion always came through.  He did a particularly great job keeping our children involved and engaged, imparting to them a feeling for the great history and spirituality of the Jewish people and well as the great accomplishments and challenges of the modern state.  Jeremy and Israel Ambition Tours exceeded our expectations by a wide margin and we enthusiastically recommend him.
    Jeremy and Israel Ambition Tours exceeded our expectations by a wide margin, Howard Basch Rockland County NY, June 2013
  • Jeremy our expectation was surpassed by the experience you provided.  We appreciated your depth of knowledge in every element required to provide a visitor the feel of the past and linkage to the present.  This has been my third trip and it was unsurpassed.  We continue to enjoy the intellectual, emotional and spiritual afterglow. Thank you for being so personable and we look forward to our next meeting.
    I have instructed friends planning a trip to Israel to accept no substitute, Daniel Dubovsky and family Atlanta Georgia February 2013
  • We’ve been on many wonderful tours, but the combination of your knowledge of history and easy ability to source your words right back to the Biblical texts which you had with you the entire time, made this tour forever memorable.  The time spent with you was easily one of the very highlights of our trip. Please let us know of any major discoveries or uncovered treasures in the future — and we’ll be first on line to book you for the tour!
    Warmly, Shalom & Tina Lamm(April 2012)
  • Jeremy was an amazing guide throughout Israel. My husband and I did and saw things that we never expected. Jeremy introduced us to places, gave us a world of information, and never stopped answering our questions! He was well prepared and full of adventure. I would recommend him, and we will use him again when we come back to Israel!
    We loved every moment, Amy (Amy and Bruce Nusbaum June 2012)
  • We want to thank you again for guiding us through the trip of a lifetime!  The memories are indescribable.  Let’s please stay in touch – I have included Zak, Melissa, Shana and Kevin on this email so that you can have all of our email addresses.
    The best trip I had, Jamie Nissenbaum